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If you live in Palestine, Texas, or surrounding areas, you have the best mechanics in town. Our experts will repair or replace your tires, provide maintenance, and install aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance your vehicle. We love servicing our neighbors, which is our way of giving back to our beautiful community. Let’s modify your hot rod today!

About Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas, is a relatively small city located in Piney Woods. It is equidistant from the major cities of Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport, Louisiana. Palestine is a historic East Texas city, full of victorian houses, a lively downtown, the Texas State Railroad, and a variety of festivals and attractions.

Palestine Tire Center

109 Crockett Rd, Palestine, TX 75801

Do you know what makes this town even more exciting? Some hot wheels to fill in the scenery. Palestine Tire Center can vamp up a nice ride to show off to your neighbors and friends while you cruise downtown. Just let us know what your vision is, and our mechanics will cook up the car of your dreams. 

Our tire shop is located in Palestine, Texas, but we have car enthusiasts from cities all around coming to our center. Now that says a lot about our business!

How To Tell If You Are in Need of an Alignment

Your wheels need to be aligned at all times to ensure that your vehicle drives in a straight line and to protect the well-being of your car. Here are some signs that indicate your vehicle is in need of an alignment.

Steering Wheel Doesn’t Stay Straight

If you let go our your steering wheel when you are driving, it should stay centered. It’s normal for it to go a little to the right or left, but if it is pulling harshly to either side, then your vehicle needs an alignment.

Tires Start to Wear Abnormally

Tires will wear over time, but they should wear down evenly. If you notice that your tires are wearing down faster on one side than the other, then there’s a problem. Bring in your vehicle and we will address this abnormal wear pattern.

Steering Wheel Starts To Vibrate

You may feel the bumps in the road when you drive, but your steering wheel shouldn’t move at all. If your steering wheel does vibrate, then the alignment is off and needs attention as soon as possible!

The Best Vehicle Care in Palestine, Texas

If your vehicle’s tires need attention, don’t hesitate to bring your hot wheels to Palestine Tire Center.
Our mechanics will take care of repairs, replacements, or provide maintenance.
Give us a call to learn more about our services or to set up an appointment. We can’t wait to treat your car!